Gift Certificates

Give them a gift they can’t return… a tattoo!!! (or piercing). Did you know we ship gift certificates out? Just make sure to get your order in promptly to allow for holiday shipping transit times. You’re also welcome to stop by any time to pick one up in person!


We also just got in some cool new “Silver” tie-dye shirts that came out awesome. Available online or in person. Small thru 3XL.

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2022 updates

2022 is here and we’re looking forward to another great year.   Here’s some updates on how things are rolling at Ink Assassins.

PIERCINGS have been super, super busy the past few years.  We’re pretty much appointment only at this point.  You can schedule a piercing online HERE or by calling the shop.  As always be sure to check out I.D. requirements HERE, especially if you are under 18.

TATTOOS are also mostly appointment only.  On occasion we can fit in a small walk-up, but you are much, much better off stopping by in advance & booking an appointment.  We currently only book tattoo appointments in person, never over the phone.  This way we can discuss your ideas, see your references, and we also require a deposit. 

Remember… an appointment prevents disappointment.

We do not require masks but are more than appreciative if you would like to wear one.  Also if you are feeling under the weather even in the slightest please do not come in.  Please use common sense & exhibit common courtesy.  If you can limit the number of extra people in your group that is also appreciated.

We know that many of you are eager to get in for a new tattoo / piercing (or both!) and we thank you for your continued support.

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