While attending college for art Jake started his career in the tattoo world at Ink Assassins in 2006. After several years of tattooing in Erie he headed south to Jacksonville, FL for warmer winters & further honed his craft. With a new baby girl addition to his family he decided to come back to be closer to relatives and rejoined us here at Ink Assassins. Jake has done some extensive traveling & has done guest spots & conventions in places like Costa Rica, California, Iowa, Nebraska, Ohio, and Texas. Seeing the tattoos from World War II and Vietnam era servicemen alongside a dose of growing up on punk rock & skateboarding really spurred his curiosity with the mystic of the tattoo world. Jake is a fan of all styles & is especially fond of traditional Americana, Japanese, & tribal. He is constantly drawing & painting every single day with a strong work ethic. When he’s not working Jake spends his free time with his family & bulldogs. He loves the outdoors, Black Sabbath, and home brewing.

Contact: jamtattoos@inkassassins.com

Tattoo Portfolio: