Our staff here at Ink Assassins consists of some of the most highly skilled professionals the area has to offer. Our artists excel in every style of tattooing whether it’s traditional American, large scale Japanese, black & gray work, portraits, tribal, lettering, cover ups etc. You name it, we do it, and we do it well. You might be able to find some fly-by-night shop that will be cheaper but we guarantee it won’t be as good, and tattoos are with you for life so don’t make a bad choice! So click on an artists name to the left and check out some of our work. We feel that it speaks for itself. Stop by anytime if you’d like to get tattooed or have any questions and one of our staff will gladly help make your idea become a reality.

Ink Assassins loves to bring in extremely talented international tattooists to visit our lovely little city.  This honor is for those who have always wanted to get tattooed abroad but have not had the opportunity to.  When this happens you should really seize the opportunity to get tattooed by these world class artists as their time in Erie may be limited! Previous guest artists have included:

Benny Gergerich, Bekki, Ben MacTaggart, Blake Brand, Braden Kendall, Brent Vann, Clifton Boggs, Cookie, Dave Quiggle, Dave Steele, Dave Tevenal, Dillon Hild, Dustin Nowlin, Erich Foster, Greg Larimer, Grez, Ian Dana, James Hunter, Jeff Wright, Jeffery Gombosi, Jesse Strother, Joe Bruce, Joe Thompson, Jon Glessner, Jr Tubbs, Justin Jarell, Kannonball, King Ron Perry, Krooked Ken, Lester Garcia, Lorenzo Samper, Matt Rinks, Metal Mike, Mike Ski, Nate Click, Peter Raizis, Shawn Brown, Suga Bear, Tom 555, Travis Castiglia, Vic Savage… and always more to come!