Ink Assassins staff consists of some of the most skilled and educated piercers in the tri-state area. Our piercing crew have dedicated year after year of studying and expanding their knowledge on piercings, jewelry, and proper healing techniques. Don’t settle for hack jobs piercing out of their homes or sketchy “shops”. Many of these places do not have any knowledge of the proper jewelry to use or even keep any in stock. Beware of “professionals” that are reusing gross piercing guns on body parts they have no business being used on (yes all of these things are happening right here in Erie). Get pierced right the first time and save yourself the hassle of finding out what a cheap, low quality and improper piercing is like.


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Optional gems are available on many piercings for an additional fee.

For other piercings stop by for a consultation with our Piercer.


Bridge – $60
Cartilage – $30
Daith – $50
Earlobe – $30
Eyebrow – $45
Genitals – $80
Helix – $30
Industrial – $60
Inner Conch – $50
Labret – $50
Lip – $50
Monroe – $60
Navel – $55
Nipple – $50
Nipple x2 – $90
Nostril – $40
Rook – $50
Scrumper – $50
Septum – $60
Snug – $50
Tongue – $60
Tragus – $50
Dermal Anchors – $70
each add – $50
Jewelry Change – $5
Stretching – $10
Removal (per item) – $10